What is the minimum age to play the lottery in the uk?

See the account terms for more information. Our license to operate the National Lottery requires that we ensure that no one under 18 years of age buys tickets or claims prizes. That's why we request certain information, which we can then verify through an authentication agency. While those under 18 are prohibited from playing, they were previously allowed to play National Lottery games and buy scratch cards.

In addition, any operator or affiliate that promotes the sale of the National Lottery must be willing to adapt their marketing to fit the new age limits. If a person under 16 presents a winning National Lottery ticket or a scratch card, you should refuse to pay them the winnings and ask Camelot for guidance on what to do. Last year, the government raised the age at which National Lottery tickets can be purchased to 18, in an attempt to protect young people from the risk of suffering gambling-related harm. However, in the case of physical stores that offer scratch cards and lottery tickets, they will be responsible for verifying the age.

This will likely involve the use of an age verification solution that will verify the age of those who wish to play the national lottery online. If your company offers online betting or lottery products, AgeChecked can help you ensure that you comply with the rules at all times. An important change that will be announced was the increase in the minimum age for participating in the National Lottery. The rule change will affect the sale of physical lottery tickets and scratch cards for people aged 16 and 17. The NFRN has welcomed the government's confirmation that it will scrap the plan to increase the age of people authorized to sell lottery tickets from 16 to 18 years old.

Many wouldn't have expected the National Lottery's age limit to change so soon, but the government doesn't wait to protect minors. This previous age restriction has been in place for many years and the change will surprise retailers who rely on the sale of these tickets. According to reports, the Minister of Sport, Tourism and Heritage, Nigel Huddleston, noted that the change would help ensure that the lottery is not a “gateway to problems with gambling.”.

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