Are there any restrictions on how many tickets can be boughtto playlottery games intheuk?

You can play up to 75 games with instant prizes in any 24-hour period (or any lower number set by Camelot or of your choice; see the next section for more information on how to do this). If you bought the Instant Win game on the website, you'll have to finish playing it on the website (or you can move on to the result without animation in the app). Prizes for instant prize games must be claimed before the end of 180 days after the purchase of the instant prize game in question (again, subject to the deadlines listed below). You can choose to take a break from all online games, or you can permanently exclude yourself (lifetime exclusion) from your National Lottery account.

If you lose your Internet connection or your browser crashes while you buy a ticket for a game based on drawings with your National Lottery account, you should log in to your account and review your “transaction history” in your National Lottery account when the Internet connection is restored or the browser is restarted. The account terms and privacy policy apply when you access your National Lottery account and play any game with that account. The outcome of each instant win game is predetermined the moment you buy or try a game with instant prizes. For full details on when the games will be available to play, visit the information pages for each game.

If you haven't finished a game with instant prizes for any reason (for example, if you lose your Internet connection or your browser crashes) and you purchased the game with instant prizes through your National Lottery account, you will receive a notification when you log in to your National Lottery account. The details of any prizes won with tickets purchased in your National Lottery account will also be displayed in the “My Games” and “Transaction History” areas of your National Lottery account. Like all National Lottery games, instant prize games are games of chance; no skill is required to win. You can manage your game by limiting the number of instant prize games you can purchase in any 24-hour period.

For instant prize games purchased with your National Lottery account, you can view the status of the results by selecting “Instant Prize Games” in the “My Games” tab of your National Lottery account. Ticket buyers can view the jackpot numbers and the UK Millionaire Maker codes on the National Lottery website, where they can check the ticket numbers for up to 180 days. Camelot organizers claim that the game's prizes make people “fabulously rich” and create lifestyles “normally reserved for the rich and famous”.

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